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Sylveon and Umbreon cookie badge :)
Espeon, Love

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Thank you so much that sounds awesome :D Just let me know where to send payment! <3

The competition for Sylveon is absolutely crazy...
The last one I saw on Y!J went for around 5-6000 yen or so which considering what others have sold for was a good price. But at the time it was too much money for me sadly. I should probably just accept that if I want the full set Sylveon is going to cost that much >_<

That's not a problem at all I completely understand!
I always have the same problem myself :')

Btw remember that Banpresto postcard we were both bidding on with Jolteon and Flareon fighting? (pretty sure it was you but I might be wrong)

I saw it for auction in agui_chan's post! :) You should really go for it, it is so pretty <3

Hey! :)

I'm really sorry for the late reply! x_x I had a lot to do with work and school. I had only time to find the button back was on the weekend. v.v
But I have it! :)

$10 (Button) + $5.80 (shipping + PP fees) = $15.80
You can send the payment to:
katrin.bruns95 (@)

Thank you for telling me that agui_chan was auctioned the postcard! <3
It is really a pretty thing, but I don't had the money for it. v.v
Maybe next time! :)

No problem ^^ I totally understand! It's very relateble :')

Thank you so so very much for selling me this beautiful badge <33 I'm so happy I will finally get one ^^

Aww too bad! I know the feeling! There will always be a next time! :)

Sorry for the long wait. I have shipped out your button yesterday! :)

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