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Sylveon and Umbreon cookie badge :)
Espeon, Love

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I don't think so since I don't have sales permission and this was a off comm transaction, but I think we could leave some feedback for a trade. ^_^ When you receive your badge and I receive the metal figures and the Sylveon pojan tab, we could do that!

Btw, have you searched after the metal Fennekin figures? :)

Oh that's great!
And I'll look through them now, I have the memory of a squirrel sometimes σ(^_^;)

I derped

Which ones did you want again?

No problem ^_^
I was looking for the Sylveon, Delphox and Greninja coins and Pikachu (standing and laying), Fennekin and Jirachi figures :) But I have to pass on the Greninja coins because they should be a SSS gift but I think they won't arrive timely. :/
Would you ship them together with my giveaway price? I won the Magician card ^_^ A big big big THANK YOU (!!!) for this awesome giveaway! *____*
So these are what I have... I completely forgot what the original offer was, but I'm throwing in the gold Jirachi because reasons :3
Any offers? I know I tend to be the overpricer or underpricer, what seems good to you?

Hey sorry for the lack of reply! x_x
I don't know how much they are, so, I thought for the Sylveon's $3 and for the others $1? Or is it to low?

Oh and I'd like to claim all three Delphoxs, both Sylveons, silver Fennekin and all Pikas ^_^

Alright :3 I don't know about 1 for each, but I don't really know how to price individually, but would 25 for all the pikas (1 of each?), the sylveons, and the delphoxs work with you?

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